Boom Sprayers for the Multi-Crop Produce Farmer

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Manual boom sprayer

This sprayer is made for the Multi-Crop Produce Farmer. Built by a vegetable grower for vegetable growers, it is affordable and will do a great job on crops ranging from sweet corn to melons! The Penns Creek design helps us to keep the cost down without sacrificing quality and convenience. We find that 200 PSI spraying still gets the best coverage in most all vegetable crops, especially in sweet corn. Sprayers are now available in 200, 300, and 400 gallon configurations.

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Single Boom Manual Sprayer

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MANUAL Fold Boom Sprayer Features
  • 24 – 28.5 ft. single side boom for a 48 to 57 foot coverage width between drive rows. Up to 60 feet with optional extension nozzle.
  • Top quality John Blue diaphragm pump, capable of 218 PSI and 28 GPM
  • 290 PSI rated John Blue control
  • Tank sizes in 200, 300 or 400 gallons
  • Hydraulic on the go boom leveling to maintain uniform height between boom and crop.
  • Shock absorber boom suspension for smooth ride
  • Easy 60 second boom height adjustment from 2 ft. for melons to 7.5 ft. for sweet corn
  • Hollow cone pattern nozzles for best foliage contact when applying insecticides and fungicides
  • 56O PSI rated heavy duty hose
  • Adjustable wheel spacing, tongue height and control holder
  • Dual Hypro jet agitators for excellent chemical mixing and suspension
  • Off the shelf parts that are readily available from our parts stock or from Hypro and Teejet suppliers
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Shock Absorber for Boom

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Optional Rinse Tank

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Rinse Tank Faucet